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Jukdo Beach, Yangyang

I used to live in Korea for many years and have learned to love the people, culture and 'Aina. How often do you see a surfer in the water of Korea? When I lived here, I saw no surfers even though my visit to Donghae Beach on the East coast of the peninsula showed perfectly clean and hollow beach break surf. To support the growth of the sport and my personal mission, I wanted to do a surf clinic in the county of Kimchi, Pansori, remote islands, and hard workers. Along with my nephew Trevor I set to make a surf clinic. And of course, my friends Russell, Heather, Dong Ho, Darrée and her awesome husband SJ helped me (or, more correctly, were indentured to) bring this dream to life. Anybody for a Surf in Korea can meet us at the beach. Below is the informational flyer in English and Korean for your convenience.

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